•  Guitars for advanced beginners and music school students 
•  Selected handmade guitars with excellent high quality finish
•  All guitars are comfortable and easy to play, which is very important for beginners


Esteve 4ST


Esteve 4STE


Esteve 1


Esteve 3

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Esteve 6 PS


Esteve 3Z


Esteve 7


All beginner level guitars in our assortment are made from wood of the highest quality, specially prepared for the making of exquisite guitars. All our guitars are handmade in some of the finest workshops in all of Spain.

They are characterized by a traditional Spanish sound. The soundboards in these guitars are built either from massive Canadian cedar or German spruce. For the back and sides, several exotic woods are used, such as Ovangkol, Khaya mahogany, dark mahogany, Indian rosewood, Ziricote, etc. For the nut and bridge, real bone is used instead of plastic, which is characteristic for the majority of guitars that belong to this segment. The bone, compared to plastic, helps produce a 17% clearer sound. This info shows how important every segment in building a guitar is, and with how much attention they are made.

The best way to choose a beginner guitar is that the guitar must be adjusted to beginners that can make tones with ease, and develop proper technique and form with no prior knowledge or experience. If the guitar is difficult to play (strings too far from the fretboard) more pressure is required and therefore unnecessary exhaustion in the left arm. A significant number of children quits guitar for this very reason

Guitar Salon Belgrade is comprised of a team of professional musicians with years in pedagogical and performing experience which can help you with choosing the right instrument for you or your child. For any and all questions and suggestions, feel free to contact us via email